Finding my way by walking and mapping the local trail system

Photo by the author

I recently walked the Long Island Greenbelt Trail, a 35 mile hike from the north shore (the Sound) to the south shore (the Bay) of Long Island, New York, documenting and creating maps.

A project by Akasa Collective

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For a couple years before the pandemic, I co-ran a weekly hiking group for families with little kids where we explored the forests, ponds, beaches and wetlands of Long Island, New York. We didn’t hike far- the kids would dawdle, climb trees and play, and parents would provide some nature study along the way. In this way we were close up with nature, awed by the variety of fungi and mosses, bugs and berries, discovering the seasonal timing of different wildflowers blooming and going to seed. Often learning alongside our kids, we shared our knowledge…

Knowing that you know nothing, get out and see the world.

Photo by the author: Hindu Street

**Originally written in 2008**

I had been told by a couple of people, before I left the comforts of Baridhara (the upper class neighborhood I was staying in), that muggings and bag snatchings are common in the old part of the city. Ruminating on this while riding in the back of the rickshaw, I started to panic and I shoved everything into my socks including money, passport and memory cards. …

Photo by the author

How my homeschooled kids’ screentime & social life evolved during the pandemic shift

When the pandemic hit, we were an active family in a thriving homeschool community. My sons were 10 and 6. Our homeschool style was, and still is, eclectic and unschooly. We had weekly hikes with homeschool friends, took classes at all the local science centers, were part of arts and music co-ops, took frequent road trips to historical sites and city museums, and spent a ridiculous amount of time at the library.

At home, we practiced math and read a lot of books. The kids watched a few vetted shows over and over; we watched nature documentaries and Friday night…

On a cool, sunny, spring Sunday, my husband and I took our two sons to Robert Moses beach and walked to the Fire Island Lighthouse. Due to covid, entry to climb the 182 steps to the top was limited. While we waited on line outside the visitors center, I pointed out features of the architecture- the Gothic arches, the keystones, the portico, the lintels. Inside, the kids scuffled around the gift shop with $10 of spending money. …

Heather Korb

Living on Long Island but my mind is elsewhere.

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